Property London’s social media is a platform where we showcase exceptional new build homes and developments. We have a following of over 65,000 and since launching in 2019, we have helped many estate agents and companies to promote their work and property listings. Our instagram has received a lot of engagement from social media influencers, celebrities, and property professionals – and our following is reflective of this.

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We offer many different packages which provide you with the opportunity to share your listing on our instagram story and on our page. This is a great way to engage with our social media followers who are interested in being connected to outstanding London properties. Our stories are viewed by thousands and tend to receive many re-shares and reactions, and our posts are also liked, saved and shared by a high number of our followers - which we carefully monitor with Instagram analytics.



Featured listings are a proven way to make your listing stand out from the rest, as they are placed in the most visible areas of our website and are clearly labelled as a featured listing and hot property. The visible areas on our website, include: the homepage, property search page, and our article section.