An Insight into Luxury Interior Design from Tailored Living

What defines luxury interior design at Tailored Living Interiors?

There are many factors to consider when defining luxury, at Tailored Living we believe that creating a luxurious space comes down to a number of correlating elements; a scheme that integrates comfort, elegance and bespoke features, results in a design of the highest degree. Client’s needs take centre stage in the design process and the biggest luxury lays in the ability to design spaces that are tailored to their specific requirements and life style.

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The first step to creating a ‘luxury’ scheme begins at the very start of the project. A luxury scheme will harmonise with the existing architecture and enhance existing features; at Tailored Living we like to work with striking characteristics – a curved staircase or statement fireplace – and develop our designs from there.

We design bespoke pieces for the space, working with highly skilled artisans to bring our designs to life. Every element is carefully considered – the colour of the wood, the curve of the handles, the hammering of the antique brass details. It is the attention to detail and consideration of finishes that heighten a design to a luxury status. Lately, we are seeing a revival of gold bronze and antique brass finishes bringing a feeling of opulence to any space.

Bespoke storage is a key consideration in our schemes, not only for the obvious functionality purposes. At TL, when designing new pieces we pay as much attention to the interior as to the exterior and are always thriving to add well considered details.

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With all of the above it should not be forgotten that the final design must encompass a balance between trendy and timeless creating a classic, contemporary home that will stand the text of time. Studio time is spent developing our schemes to fulfil the client’s brief, working to form a scheme that brings ultimate comfort.

It is with this design process and mindset that a luxury interior is formed; quality combined with the upmost attention to detail is sure to craft an interior scheme that exudes timeless luxury. A high-end design should be curated, each part should feel like it always belonged and unifying elements should carry throughout the entire space in an effortless flow.

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