Best Modern Accent Chairs 2021


Accent chairs are a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral colour palette or add a new shape to your furniture pieces. They are increasing in popularity and becoming a must-have in people’s homes. There are many different types available, and it can be hard to narrow down the options. Because of this, we have scoured the internet and found you the top 7 accent chairs in the market.

1. Moby Accent Armchair and Footstool

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 | Property London

Stylish and comfortable, the Moby Accent Armchair also comes with a matching footstool. The retro design is eyecatching and will be admired by all of your guests. This Armchair is in a neutral grey colour and perfect for your home if you already have a lot of brightly coloured furniture, as it will help to tone it down.

2. Charley Accent Armchair

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 1 | Property London

Upholstered in electric blue velvet, the Charley Accent Armchair is perfect for those looking for something bold. The retro chair features a gently curved back, rounded square block seat and black angled legs. It would look amazing in any living room, hallway or bedroom.

3. Soho Fabric Accent Chair

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 3 | Property London

This stunning accent chair features a luxurious deep-buttoned design, rose pink soft velvet upholstery, slimline gold legs, and comfortable sprung seats. It has been handcrafted by Alexander & James and is great for those wanting to add a touch of chic to their homes. The chair is also extremely comfortable, and the seat is made from deep foam with a fibre wrap seat cushion.

4. Margot Accent Armchair

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 4 | Property London

If you want to add a striking piece of furniture to your living space, this is the accent chair for you. It is upholstered in antique gold velvet and features a buttoned, quilted backrest and a comfortable soft seat. Additionally, adding a subtle touch of glamour, there are metallic accents on the wooden legs.

5. Oyster Bay Fabric Accent Chair

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 6 | Property London

Inspired by a 60s film set, the Oyster Bay Fabric Accent Chair is soft, furry and comfortable. This luxe chair has been handcrafted in the UK and has been built to last, with 5 years plumpness guarantee. It has been made with extra-soft fibre back cushions, soft chenille upholstery and stylish lime round wash feet.

6. Modica Accent Armchair

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 7 | Property London

If you have a Scandinavian or bohemian style home, this is the accent chair for you. The chair is made with rattan and natural wood and has a gently angled back. Its simple style makes it perfect for lounging on in a sunny spot, next to a window or balcony.

7. Ketty Fabric Swivel Chair

Best Modern accent chairs 2021 8 | Property London

The Ketty Fabric Swivel Chair comes in a range of colours such as green and gold and is perfect for a home office. It was created by the highly renowned design house Nicoletti Home, and its sweeping arms pay homage to the tub style. Additionally, the seat and curved back are deeply cushioned, and the accent chair is extremely comfortable.

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