Interior Decorating For Small Apartments

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If you have a small apartment it can be quite hard to envisage it decorated to a high standard, and without clutter. It may also be important to you to have a comfortable and inviting space for visitors, such as friends and family, so that people want to relax and dine in your home. Fortunately, there are many great ways to achieve stunning interiors and a home that is your sanctuary, and one of the best ways is to notice the placement of your windows and lighting. When walking around your home, if you feel that there is not enough light coming through one of your rooms’ windows, then you can purchase a lamp to help brighten up the room and add it its aesthetics. It is also important to not have too much light coming through the windows and overpowering the room, and to help with this kind of problem it can be great to purchase blinds, as you are able to then adjust how much light, if any, you want coming into each of your rooms.

Another great tip is to look at the colour of the furniture you already have in your apartment and take into account the mood each piece evokes. If you want to make your home warm and inviting, then it can be great to use coloured furniture, in shades such as: brown, red, yellow and orange. The use of accent rugs and sofa covers can also be a great way to add these kinds of colours to your home. However, instead of just adding colour sporadically around your home, it is important to find a colour scheme, so that there is cohesion throughout your rooms. Grey and brown is a colour scheme that works particularly well together, as they not only look aesthetically pleasing next to one another but they also hide marks and dirt well. Contrastingly, surfaces that are white in colour, can be harder to make spotless and if you intend on using the room regularly it is not recommended that you use an abundance of white furniture or paint.

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When it comes to picking a sofa, it is important that you find one which is practical and does not take up too much space. Instead of an l-shaped corner sofa, find a stylish and colourful 2 – 3 seater sofa and match the colour of it to your dining table chairs. If you do not have a spare room for guests to sleep in, then you could also opt for a sofa bed, instead of a traditional sofa, so that people have the option of staying over your apartment. Additionally, when choosing a dining table, it is best to purchase a small round table so that it does not take up too much space and it can also be used as a great place to relax, chat, and drink your tea or coffee.

Once you have assessed your colour schemes and furniture choices, it is a good idea to look at your storage options, so that you can de-clutter your home. A great way to do this is to purchase items with storage built into them, such as an ottoman bed or a coffee table with storage space underneath it. This helps to avoid extra storage solutions needing to be purchased and helps to save much needed space in your home. If you want to make your rooms look bigger, then you can also purchase mirrors as they help to provide the illusion of extra space and they can also be used for vanity purposes too!

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