The best Hallway Tables on Amazon for your new home

Hallway table

The hallway is often the last part of your home you think about decorating, however it’s the first part of your home a guest sees. This is the place to make a statement about your home and your hospitality. Hallway tables provide the seamless finishing touch that shows you’ve thought your decor through all the way to the front door. Furthermore there’s a wide variety of options available for every decor theme, taste and budget on Amazon.

Choosing a hallway table

Choose a simple wooden 3 drawer console table for a touch of elegance. Or a Grey wood top 2 drawer to match your minimalistic taste. Try a rustic table for more of a log cabin feel. For a more contemporary look, try glass, metal, or painted wood.

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Benefits of a hallway table

One of the benefits of a hallway table is that it makes your foyer seem larger, as long as you don’t get one that cramps the walkway. The very fact that there’s room for the table fools the brain into thinking the foyer is bigger than it really is.

When ordering online at Amazon, measure the space to make sure the table will fit. If you have trouble envisaging, pile some boxes or other objects into the space the table will occupy. Firstly can you walk around it easily? And secondly does either end protrude past a doorway? Is it the wrong height for a chair rail or existing wall decor you can’t move? Answering these questions will prevent you from picking the wrong table.

In conclusion when browsing Amazon for a hallway table, remember to check for “sofa tables”, “hallway chests” and “chests”, too. Sofa tables are often indistinguishable from hallway tables, and it’s just a matter of how the company has chosen to market the product. Chests look just as good as tables, and may work better for you in terms of the look you want and/or the extra storage space in the drawers.

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