A New Era of Elegance: Discover 9 Millbank’s Grade II Listed Residences

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Once nestled within the historic contours of Westminster, where the echoes of Britain’s glorious past blend seamlessly with the pulse of contemporary London, stands 9 Millbank, a residential revelation brought to life by St. Edward part of Berkeley Group. With its prestigious SW1P 3GE postcode, this landmark address offers a unique living experience and serves as a custodian of the rich tapestry of London’s heritage. With a price range stretching from £18,000,000 to £35,000,000, 9 Millbank embodies the pinnacle of luxury living, marrying the opulence of Grade II listed homes with panoramic views of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The Heritage Collection: A Testament to Timeless Elegance

At the heart of 9 Millbank is The Heritage Collection, an exclusive assemblage of five luxury Grade II listed apartments. Positioned within the former Imperial Chemical Industries’ headquarters, these residences occupy the upper echelons of Millbank Residences, offering unparalleled vistas of the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames. Each property, a homage to Britain’s illustrious heritage, showcases the zenith of design, where every element is a celebration of a bygone era marked by unrivalled craftsmanship and elegance.

Preserving the Legacy of Millbank Residences

The architectural grandeur of Millbank Residences, conceived between 1927 and 1929 by Sir Frank Baines, stands as a monument to the neoclassical style that defined the interwar years. This Grade II listed building, originally serving as the bastion of the Imperial Chemical Industries, has been meticulously conserved, ensuring that its historical significance remains etched within Westminster’s distinguished skyline.

A Restoration of Magnificence

The restoration of 9 Millbank, particularly within The Heritage Collection, is a painstaking endeavour to resurrect the splendour of yesteryear. Intricate details, from carved door frames and luxurious timber panelling to ornate decorative plasterwork, have been lovingly restored, offering residents a living space that is both a work of art and a slice of history. These features stand as a testament to the masterful craftsmanship that has transcended nearly a century, now serving as the backdrop for contemporary living.

Redefining Elegance Through Design

Under the creative guidance of the London-based luxury interior design studio Goddard Littlefair, the interiors of Millbank Residences strike a harmonious balance between classic allure and modern refinement. Traditional parquet flooring, set against a palette of black and white, evokes the quintessential English heritage of Westminster. This classical foundation is complemented by contemporary accents – rich leathers, exquisite silks, and aged oaks – crafting an environment that is both timeless and distinctly modern.

Unparalleled Residents’ Facilities

Living at 9 Millbank transcends the conventional, offering amenities that encapsulate the essence of a five-star lifestyle. A 24-hour concierge service ensures that residents’ needs are catered to with impeccable attention to detail. The inclusion of a swimming pool, gymnasium, and private courtyard garden adds layers of luxury, providing spaces for relaxation, fitness, and social gatherings. The availability of a cinema further enhances the living experience, offering an exclusive venue for entertainment within the comfort of home.

Property London: Your Gateway to Luxury Living

At Property London, we take pride in highlighting the most coveted addresses in the capital, with 9 Millbank standing as a prime example of the exceptional properties we feature. For those captivated by the allure of living in a location steeped in history, yet demanding the finest in modern luxury, 9 Millbank offers an unparalleled opportunity.

9 Millbank represents more than just an address; it is a legacy, a sanctuary, and a statement of unparalleled luxury. It invites those with a discerning eye for history and an appetite for contemporary opulence to be part of London’s architectural and cultural narrative. As the city continues to evolve, 9 Millbank remains a beacon of timeless elegance and sophistication. Could this be the moment to claim your place in London’s illustrious story?

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