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At Property London we have provided you with interior design ideas and inspirations, so you can truly experience homely comfort with a zen experience. The bedroom is the room where you spend a great deal of time every day, although much of it is asleep. This, of course, means that it needs to be a place of relaxation, and for many people, romance.

It’s all too easy to let the clutter of everyday life invade your bedroom, however, this impairs your ability to relax in the one room in the house that should be designed for that purpose. It’s time to design your bedroom for its true purpose. Start by thinking about your personal style. What pieces of décor and furniture inspire your bedroom design? Would you feel relaxed, romantic, or both? If you’re married, what would appeal to your spouse?

Bedroom interior design ideas

  1. Go for a minimalistic look by keeping the colour scheme simple and neutral, and using sleek and modern furniture.
  2. Add pops of colour through accent pieces such as throw pillows or wall art.
  3. Incorporate natural elements, such as wood and plants, to bring warmth and a sense of calm to the space.
  4. Use functional pieces, like a storage bed or a bench at the foot of the bed, to make the most of the space.
  5. Create a cosy and inviting atmosphere by layering textiles, such as a plush throw and soft blankets.
  6. Mix and match different patterns and textures to add visual interest and depth to the space.
  7. Choose lighting carefully, as it can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room.
  8. Personalize the space with meaningful and sentimental decor items, such as family photos or artwork.
  9. Consider the layout of the room and how the furniture can be arranged to optimize the flow and functionality of the space.
  10. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and incorporate your own unique personality into the design.

 Let’s start with the bed. As one of the biggest pieces of furniture in most rooms, as well as the most used, it is something of a focal point. Do you like the bedding? What about the bedframe itself?

The Julian Bowen Storage Ottoman bed

The Julian Bowen Storage Ottoman bed is perfect for a lot of London New build apartments, where storage is a luxury. Perfect for storing clothes, bedding, etc. 

julian bowen storage bed - Property London

Occasionally you will quickly understand that it is time to replace all your bedroom furniture when you decide to redecorate your bedroom. Quite possibly the old furniture just isn’t your style anymore, or just a bit outdated. With online marketplaces such as Amazon, finding new furniture doesn’t have to mean running all around town anymore. You can shop on Amazon from the comfort of your own home and often get better prices. Back to the bed. What would you like it to look like? Ottoman, minimal, murphy (wall beds), huge, although would it look right in your home? Furthermore, if your room is big enough, it might look perfect. In a smaller room, it will just make it look too crowded.

Finally, once you have chosen your perfect bed, choose the rest of your furniture to match however, do not overcrowd your bedroom. The dressers need to have enough space for the clothing you will store in them. Most bedroom sets have loads of matching pieces to choose from so that you can find a style you like, yet still have a choice of a couple of different sizes for your dresser.

Gainsborough White Dressing table

The Gainsborough White Dressing table is a great solid dressing table, with 7 drawers very generously sized and can easily hold large items such as hairdryers and accessories. 

Gainsborough White Dressing table - Property London

Now it’s time to pick the sheets. What colours, and materials do you like? Do you love throw pillows or are they a nuisance, additionally do you like a lot of pillows on your bed? Of course, soft sheets and good pillows are a must, both for relaxation and romance.

RUIKASI Luxury 100% Microfiber Bedding Set

The RUIKASI Luxury 100% Microfiber Bedding Set ensures a comfortable and ultra-soft sleeping environment.

RUIKASI Bedding Set with Fitted Sheet - Property London

Lighting matters too. You don’t need to light your bedroom up as brightly as the rest of the house all of the time… there are many times when dimmer lighting is perfect for the mood in the bedroom. Consider installing a dimmer switch on the main light or have dimmer lights as a part of your decor.

 Another option for mood lighting is candles. They can add a lovely touch to the decor, and when it’s time for romance they’re just about classic. Scented candles can add a lot too.

Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle in the Clean Cotton scent is for those who prefer a softer fragrance, Clean Cotton combines sun-dried cotton with green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon.

Yankee Candle Scented Candle - Property London
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