Eastman Village Harrow: The Perfect Fusion of History and Modern Living

Eastman Village Harrow

The rich tapestry of London’s historical landscape is being ingeniously woven into its modern architectural fabric, and one of the most exciting examples of this is the Eastman Village in Harrow. Brought to life by Barratt London, this development offers the Robertson Apartments, a nod to the celebrated English photographer, James Robertson.

The history of Eastman Village is deeply embedded in the world of photography. Previously, it was the site of the iconic Kodak film factory, where many memories were captured and stored. The naming itself pays homage to George Eastman, founder of Kodak, the revolutionary company that democratized photography. Moreover, the Robertson Apartments are named after James Robertson, a pioneering war photographer of the 19th century known for his compelling visuals.

Eastman Village stands tall, both in its stature and its ambition. The new building encompasses six stories, with apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms. These homes echo the beauty of open spaces – not just in their open-plan designs, but with the inclusion of terraces and balconies that allow residents to breathe in the fresh London air, especially treasured in city living.

Yet, the celebration of space doesn’t end at the building’s walls. Residents can step out into the expansive 2.4-hectare landscaped park – the Green Link – at the very heart of Harrow. This pristine green haven conveniently leads into the restored Headstone Manor Park, representing the Parks for People project.

Anticipated for completion in 2025, Eastman Village’s location is prime for commuters. Not only is it adjacent to the London Overground links, but it also promises an array of amenities such as a gym, cafes, a restaurant, and a supermarket. The architectural prowess behind this project is the collaboration between Barratt London and esteemed architect Pollard Thomas Edwards. Their vision? A seamless blend of the Kodak building’s iconic red-brick aesthetic with modern design nuances that nod to the site’s illustrious past.

Preservation is at the heart of Eastman Village. From safeguarding the emblematic factory chimney, which now stands with the site’s eco-friendly energy centre, to the graphic designs imbued in the balcony screens and signs – the past is revered and remembered.

Joseph Antoniazzi, from Barratt West London, captures the essence of this development: “Eastman Village is more than just a project; it’s a landmark. This regeneration is a tribute to history, combined with the contemporary. The Robertson Apartments exemplify this synergy, and we anticipate a strong attraction for both local buyers and investors.”

Connectivity is another jewel in Eastman Village’s crown. Central London’s bustling heart, Euston Station, is merely a 13-minute train journey from Harrow & Wealdstone station. The underground access to the Bakerloo line makes commutes even more convenient. Moreover, the impending TfL Superloop promises even broader connections, linking Harrow to pivotal locations such as Heathrow, North Finchley, and White City.

Education remains Harrow’s crowning glory, with the town hosting the renowned Harrow School. Impressively, 98% of the schools in Harrow have secured the ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, making Eastman Village even more appealing for families.

The Robertson Apartments are an ensemble of 46 residences, each echoing luxury and space. With prices starting at a competitive £339,000, they are not just homes; they are pieces of Harrow’s history and future, intertwined seamlessly. Eastman Village, with its amalgamation of the past and the present, stands as a testament to London’s commitment to honouring its history while forging ahead into the future.

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