Lea Wharf in Hertford: An Alluring Waterside Gem with Deposit Unlock Scheme

lea wharf deposit unlock

As the allure of city living continues to beckon many, the shimmering waters of the River Lea in Hertford reveal an unprecedented offer. Chase New Homes introduces Lea Wharf, a sparkling gem in the heart of Hertford’s historic tapestry, now paired with the revolutionary Deposit Unlock scheme. With deposits starting at just £14,999, significantly below the national average of £34,500, this initiative propels both newcomers and seasoned homeowners to confidently anchor themselves at Lea Wharf.

With its privileged placement along the River Lea, this development seamlessly marries the serenity of waterside living with urban sophistication. Lea Wharf showcases a stunning array of one and two-bedroom apartments, complete with communal entrances graced by uniformed concierge services. A private residents’ roof garden further elevates the experience, presenting a luxurious canvas for relaxation. Envisage a central piazza as the heartbeat of the community, pulsating with vibrant coffee shops, intimate eateries, and invigorating fitness spaces.

lea wharf deposit unlock scheme

What is the deposit unlock scheme?

To safeguard against the potential depreciation of newly constructed properties, mortgage providers typically maintain stringent lending criteria for new builds, often necessitating deposits between 15-25%. Yet, with the introduction of the Deposit Unlock initiative, prospective homeowners can now provide a mere 5% deposit. In this arrangement, the property developer takes on the responsibility of insuring the mortgage, thus giving lenders increased confidence in granting high Loan-to-Value (LTV) mortgages for new constructions.

Currently, the cap for a loan acquired via this programme stands at £750,000. However, it’s essential to note that this figure may differ among lenders and is influenced by an individual’s financial profile.

The introduction of the Deposit Unlock scheme at Lea Wharf epitomises innovation in modern property acquisition. Specifically engineered to champion first-time buyers and current homeowners, it wipes away income ceilings and introduces an insurance-backed guarantee. Consequently, this ensures competitive rates and addresses the often daunting deposit conundrum, guiding many towards their dream property.

Paul Bennett, Sales and Marketing Director at Chase New Homes, comments: “We are delighted to be able to offer the Deposit Unlock scheme at Lea Wharf. We’ve had a brilliant response to Lea Wharf already, and by offering the chance to purchase 100% of a home here using a 5% deposit will make our stunning new apartments accessible to those buyers who require a more affordable option. Combining stunning architecture and fantastic on-site amenities alongside its unique waterside setting, we expect the high demand for homes here to continue. Not only does this development provide stylish, energy-efficient homes but it also forms an integral part of the rejuvenation of Hertford’s town centre.”

Hertford’s picturesque town facilitates Lea Wharf residents to immerse themselves in a blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences. From the historic whispers of the Grade-I listed Hertford Castle to the lively strumming at Rock at the Castle festival, Hertford promises a palette of experiences. Food enthusiasts can meander through a labyrinth of culinary delights, including family-owned pubs, avant-garde cocktail lounges, and an assortment of restaurants. For those favouring a more domestic touch, proximate supermarkets like Tesco, Aldi, and Sainsbury’s simplify everyday life.

While the bustling energy of Hertford remains undeniable, nature’s embrace is but a step away at Hartham Common. Here, tranquil riverside sojourns, cattle-grazed meadows, and recreational niches provide a perfect antidote to urban buzz. Panshanger Park, another verdant wonder a mere 1.6 miles away, presents nature enthusiasts with kilometres of trails amidst wildflowers and a mesmerising birdlife, centred around the serene Osprey Lake.

lea wharf hertford

Connectivity, a pivotal consideration for many, finds a resounding answer at Lea Wharf. Hertford East station, a brief stroll away, promises swift commutes to Liverpool Street, while Hertford North further connects to Kings Cross. Road travellers have easy access to major motorways, with the M25 and M1 a short drive away. And for those with global aspirations, London Stansted Airport is conveniently close.

Lea Wharf in Hertford, bolstered by the Deposit Unlock scheme, offers a harmonious blend of urban vibrancy and serene retreat, beckoning the modern homeowner to anchor their dreams on its shores.

Prices at Lea Wharf start from £299,995 for a one-bedroom apartment. For further information please contact selling agents Lanes Exclusive Homes on 01992 940955 or email: [email protected]

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