NHG Homes Unveils Heybourne Park: The Epitome of Shared Ownership in Colindale

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This autumn, the allure of buying a new home in London has never been more enticing. As property prices in the capital continue to drop, first-time buyers are often daunted by the seemingly unattainable goal of homeownership. However, NHG Homes, in collaboration with the London Borough of Barnet, introduces Heybourne Park. This new development showcases the benefits of Shared Ownership, making the dream of owning a London home a reality for many.

Scheduled to span over 15 years, Heybourne Park will flourish into a dynamic neighbourhood housing 2,000 homes. This remarkable project isn’t just about homes; it’s about creating a holistic community experience. Modern retail spaces, public amenities, a new community plaza, and café are all part of the vision. The genesis phase, launching on 21 September, offers 149 one and two-bedroom apartments. And the best part? Prices start from £87,500 for a one-bedroom apartment, with monthly costs of around £1,255, and £107,500, for a two-bedroom apartment, with monthly costs of around £1,593 – both with a 25 per cent share.

Positioned on the historic site of the former Hendon Aerodrome, Heybourne Park resonates with the echoes of a bygone era. The ground upon which it stands was once presided over by Claude Grahame-White, a pioneering figure in British aviation. The Royal Air Force later utilised this airfield, playing a pivotal role during World War II. NHG Homes has seamlessly intertwined this rich history into the fabric of Heybourne Park, ensuring the legacy of its forebearers is upheld.

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So, what’s in store for the residents? These apartments encapsulate the essence of contemporary London living. Think state-of-the-art integrated appliances, chic fixtures, and an emphasis on energy efficiency. But it’s not all about the interiors. Residents will be captivated by the tranquillity of park-side living, juxtaposed with the electrifying pulse of the city just a train ride away. The development’s open spaces, coupled with nearby Watling Park and Hendon Park, offer residents a verdant retreat from the urban hustle.

The culinary scene in Colindale is nothing short of delightful. From gourmet bistros to trendy cafés, there’s a culinary experience waiting at every corner. Add to that, the community and leisure facilities such as health clubs and gyms, and Heybourne Park truly emerges as an urban oasis.

Yet, the crown jewel of Heybourne Park is its commitment to Shared Ownership. This initiative allows buyers to purchase a property fraction, starting as low as 25%, while paying a subsidised rent on the rest. The significant advantage? A smaller upfront deposit and the flexibility to increase one’s property share over time, up to full ownership. In essence, it’s a golden ticket for many to own a slice of London’s real estate pie without the hefty price tag.

Accessibility is paramount, and Heybourne Park scores high in this regard. Nestled just 15 minutes away from Colindale Underground station, the heart of London is incredibly close. Iconic locales like the bustling markets of Camden Town are a mere 20-minute tube ride away. Additionally, the proximity to Mill Hill Broadway train station provides connectivity to Thameslink, paving the way to destinations such as St. Albans and St. Pancras.

Amie Triphook-Cole, Head of Sales at NHG Homes, said: “Colindale is emerging as an exciting part of north west London – and with high quality homes, superb transport connections, and plenty of local amenities, Heybourne Park is set to become popular with buyers.  We’re proud to be working in partnership with Barnet Council to deliver this much-needed project, which is putting community at the heart of this revitalised neighbourhood

For further information visit nhgsales.com/heybourne-park 

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