Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in London

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In the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant and historically rich cities, the quest for a place called home turns into an adventure through time and space. London, a city where every street corner tells a story, is also a metropolis of paradoxes, especially when finding affordable living spaces. London’s real estate narrative is one of contrasts, where the past and the future converge in the brick and mortar of its buildings. For those embarking on the journey to homeownership or seeking new build developments in London, the path is paved with both challenges and opportunities. This exploration takes us through the top 10 cheapest places to live in London, revealing not just numbers and locations, but the dreams and possibilities they represent.

Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in London?

The quest for affordability in London’s sprawling urban landscape leads us to Barking and Dagenham, where the average house price stands at £360,537. This borough, steeped in industrial history and community spirit, represents the most affordable gateway to homeownership within the city. Its transformation over the years into a vibrant, community-focused area makes it an attractive spot for those looking to plant roots in a place with a strong sense of identity and history.

South vs North London: The Affordability Debate

The age-old debate between the merits of South and North London extends into the realm of real estate affordability. While each side has its champions and detractors, when it comes to affordability, South London presents a compelling case. Boroughs like Croydon and Lewisham offer a blend of accessibility, community amenities, and more gentle pricing compared to their northern counterparts. This isn’t to say North London is bereft of affordable options; Enfield, for instance, stands out with an average price of £494,799, demonstrating that value can be found across the compass if one knows where to look.

Navigating London’s Boroughs: Where Can I Afford to Live?

The journey to find an affordable home in London requires a map that goes beyond mere geography—it’s about understanding the nuances of each borough. Here, we present a concise guide to the top 10 cheapest boroughs in London, based on the Rightmove House Price Index report dated 18 March 2024:

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Barking and Dagenham: £360,537

At the top of our list is Barking and Dagenham, with an average house price of £360,537. This eastern borough, with its rich industrial history, is now a beacon for those seeking affordability without straying too far from the heart of London. With new developments cropping up, it’s a promising land for first-time buyers.

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Newham: £461,474

Just a stone’s throw from the financial towers of Canary Wharf lies Newham, a tapestry of cultures and communities, offering homes at an average of £461,474. Newham’s regeneration projects make it a hotspot for those eyeing new build developments with an eye on future value.

top 10 places to buy a house in london. Bexley

Bexley: £473,283

Venture to the southeast to discover Bexley, where the average home costs £473,283. Bexley combines the allure of suburban tranquillity with accessibility, making it a sought-after domain for families and professionals alike.


Havering: £479,515

With an average price of £479,515, Havering stands as an oasis of affordability in the capital’s northeast. It offers a blend of urban convenience and green spaces, appealing to those who wish for a quieter pace without disconnecting from London’s vibrancy.

Aspect Croydon shared ownership

Croydon: £484,795

Croydon, with an average house price of £484,795, is transforming. Once known for its shopping centre, it’s now famed for its residential developments and tech startups, making it a magnet for modern homebuyers.


Greenwich: £494,762

Greenwich is not just the home of time; it’s also where many find their first home, thanks to an average price of £494,762. Its maritime heritage and royal parks offer a blend of history and natural beauty, perfect for those seeking charm and affordability.

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Enfield: £494,799

Bordering the green belt, Enfield offers an escape with its average house price at £494,799. Its villages and parks provide a countryside feel, ideal for families looking for space and serenity within the capital.


Redbridge: £503,607

With an average house price of £503,607, Redbridge is known for its award-winning parks and excellent schools, making it a haven for families prioritising education and quality of life.

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Lewisham: £517,593

Lewisham’s regeneration has put it on the map for homebuyers, with an average price of £517,593. Its location and transport links offer a perfect mix for those commuting to the city or Canary Wharf.


Hillingdon: £566,801

Hillingdon closes our list with an average price of £566,801. As the gateway to London from the west, it offers connectivity and affordability, with Heathrow Airport and Brunel University adding to its appeal.

These figures illuminate the landscape of London’s more affordable boroughs, but it’s crucial to remember that each borough is a mosaic of neighbourhoods, each with its unique character and price points. From the regeneration areas offering new build developments to the quieter, more established neighbourhoods, London’s housing market presents a spectrum of opportunities for those willing to explore it.

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in London
credit: Rightmove

Making London Home: A Path Forward

The dream of homeownership in London, while challenging, is not unattainable. The key is in understanding the market, recognising the potential in boroughs that may not have been your first choice, and being open to the possibilities they offer. For those interested in new build developments, the more affordable boroughs often provide a wealth of opportunities to buy into a growing community and make a smart investment in your future.

London’s tapestry of neighbourhoods means that the journey to find a home is also a journey of discovery. Whether you’re drawn to the historical charm of Greenwich, the vibrant community spirit of Lewisham, or the tranquil suburban feel of Bexley, each borough offers a unique slice of London life. The path to homeownership in London is as much about finding a place where you can thrive as it is about finding affordability. With the right approach and a bit of exploration, the dream of making London your home can become a reality.

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