Who Lives in 1 Hyde Park?

one hyde park

Nestled in the prestigious neighbourhood of Knightsbridge, London, 1 Hyde Park stands as a remarkable residential development that seamlessly integrates with the existing streetscape while offering breathtaking views between Hyde Park and Knightsbridge. With its iconic design and exceptional amenities, 1 Hyde Park encompasses 86 apartments and duplexes, including four opulent penthouses, alongside three retail units. Join us as we embark on a journey through this architectural marvel, exploring its elegant design, luxurious features, and its harmonious blend with the surrounding environment.

Design and Exquisite Detailing

The design of One Hyde Park pays homage to the surrounding Knightsbridge streetscape, creating a scheme that bathes its interiors with natural daylight and affords its residents great views, all while ensuring the utmost privacy. The focus on elegance and quality of construction is evident throughout, with meticulous attention given to every detail. The materials used were carefully selected to harmonize with the colour and texture of the neighbouring structures. The red-brown copper alloy façades complement the surrounding red brick buildings, while the pale structural concrete emulates the stone details of the adjacent Mandarin Oriental Hotel, creating a cohesive aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

1 hyde park
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Who Lives in 1 Hyde Park?

One Hyde Park has become synonymous with attracting a prestigious roster of residents. Although details about specific individuals residing within the complex are guarded with utmost privacy, it is no secret that the development has been sought after by a myriad of high-profile figures. From business magnates and celebrities to influential personalities, the allure of One Hyde Park’s exclusivity and opulence has drawn the world’s elite to call it home.

Ownership and Investors

1 Hyde Park is the result of a joint venture between the renowned developers’ Candy & Candy, led by brothers Nick and Christian Candy, and the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, through their subsidiary Qatari Diar. The collaboration between these entities has solidified One Hyde Park’s position as an exemplar of international investment in London’s luxury real estate market. This partnership has not only brought together expertise in design and development but has also bolstered the reputation and value of the project.

A Gateway to 1 Hyde Park

One Hyde Park not only provides a luxurious living experience but also offers a new gateway to Hyde Park. Edinburgh Gate has been relocated to the western edge of the site, with a canopy-covered roadway that provides visual appeal to residents and shields them from traffic noise. Additionally, Epstein’s iconic sculpture ‘Pan,’ originally located at the northern end of the former Edinburgh Gate, has been thoughtfully repositioned to maintain its relationship with the new roadway.

Moreover, a new pedestrian route called Serpentine Walk has been created along the eastern edge of the site, connecting Hyde Park to Knightsbridge. The original Knightsbridge underground station entrance has been relocated adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, boasting a design that harmonizes with One Hyde Park’s materials, presenting a structure that appears both open and solid with its glazed roof and walls.

Architectural Brilliance

One Hyde Park’s architectural marvel was brought to life by the acclaimed firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. Renowned for their innovative designs and attention to detail, the architects envisioned a residential development that seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance. The result is a structure that exudes sophistication, harmonizing with the surrounding beauty of Hyde Park and captivating all who lay eyes upon it.

Thoughtful Spatial Configuration

The layout of One Hyde Park incorporates primary access through four pavilions, allowing an abundance of natural light to filter in from the south while forming visual corridors between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. Additionally, three service cores provide secondary access for staff and facilitate service operations for the apartments, ensuring seamless functionality and convenience.

A Harmonious Relationship with Surrounding Buildings

One Hyde Park’s pavilions follow a radial pattern, emanating from a central point within Hyde Park. This results in a harmonious alignment with neighbouring structures such as Wellington Court and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The design also pays tribute to the original road and pavement alignment to Knightsbridge, reinstating its sweeping character.

The pavilions at One Hyde Park are artfully shaped, widening towards the centre of the site and tapering towards the perimeter. This architectural arrangement enables captivating oblique lateral views from each pavilion, encompassing both the scenic splendour of Hyde Park to the north and the vibrant streetscape of Knightsbridge to the south.

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