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Here at Space Group Architects, we like to look at ourselves as architectural scientists and look at our office as a laboratory home to innovative creations that stretch the boundaries of what we think is possible. Rather surprisingly, our present works have their roots in both the past, utilising widely forgotten practices, and in future technologies. This amalgamation leads to entirely inimitable outcomes.
Over the last 13 years we have completed well over 200 projects. We have created more than 150 unique family homes, exciting workspaces, apartment blocks and various public spaces. We typically carry a project from the brief through the Planning process, Building Control compliance, all the way through the construction until completion. Over all these years we have managed to maintain a Planning Approval track record of 97% approved applications. Our projects range from small (typically from £100k) to large (up to £5m). Our mission is to have a considered approach that encourages creative dialogue with both other design experts and the client.
We consider ourselves as architectural scientists combining methods of old with technologies of the future to create the exceptional. We view our office as a laboratory where we are continuously experimenting to stay at the forefront of industry evolution.
Every project, built or un-built, follows a key-narrative that is identified at an early stage. Once found, it is rolled out over the entire project - no matter what scale. This enables an enforced design statement and ideas start to complement each other. These are the reasons why we prefer to be involved in projects down to the last detail – from the urban context to the architectural space to the finishes and furniture.

The key to our successful approach to architecture is our focus on constant evolution and iteration. There is a constant, unconstrained progress whether it is through re-discovering historical techniques or researching, creating and testing new methods and radical ideas. In the search for ever more sustainable solutions research becomes essential.

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