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With the growing popularity of instagram, companies nowadays are more than ever looking for instagram influencers to endorse their products. This has been proven by polls that say that instagram is now used as a research tool before purchasing a product or service. With instagram being the most popular platform among teenagers and young adults today, marketers have seen instagram as an opportunity on strengthening their company’s relationship with these key demographics. It would be best if they could tap into it and expand their customer base with this network of users.

In addition to instagram’s rise in popularity, tik tok has also gained traction over facebook and twitter recently. Companies today are doing everything they can to be included in tik tok’s trending page. By simply putting up a 15 second or less video with at least 1,000 views and getting it to trend, companies are able to make more money in such short time than they have ever imagined.

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As a high-profile property account, Property London has grown to be one of the most influential and engaged Property accounts in the UK. With more than 145,000 followers on our page, we’ve helped several agencies gain greater exposure for their listings and themselves – with well-known celebrities, professional athletes, affluent buyers and top real estate professionals among those following us closely.

Market Your Property
Market Your Property

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We increase visibility and brand recognition with a customised growth strategy that reaches targeted audiences. We help you to reach your target demographic by identify the most effective channels for marketing in order to garner higher engagement rates, create attractive visuals which would be used on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Tik tok.

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We all know that video content is the best way to grab people’s attention. It represents one of the most creative ways you can show off your listing, and it offers a great opportunity for marketing buzz. But videos also connect potential home buyers with sellers in a personal way that words just can’t; they have texture, color, sound, movement…it’s hard not to get wrapped up in them!

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