Andrew Henry Interiors Shares Top Tips on How to Beat The Winter Blues at Home

Andrew Henry Interiors share their tips on how to beat the blues at home and liven up your work from home space.

How to Bring Winter Cheer into Your Home

It’s no secret, winter weather can lead to lack of motivation and low moods.  If the January blues is creeping in, injecting some joy into your home with some quick and easy interior fixes is a brilliant way to lift the spirits. Here, the style experts at Andrew Henry Interiors share their tips on how to beat the blues at home and liven up your work from home space…

A winter clean

Winter Clean - Property London

Once the Christmas decorations are down, it’s the perfect time to declutter and refresh your living spaces. This will provide you with some renewed motivation to see the New Year in a more positive light. You could take it one step further by recycling old furniture to make way for something new or to simply make a room feel bigger. 

Uplifting fragrances

Uplifiting Scent - Property London

As the days feeler colder and outdoor walks become less enjoyable, fragrances are a great way to alleviate winter cabin fever. Scented candles, diffusers and incense sticks add ambience to your home whilst also providing a sense of calm. Do consider fruity and floral scents to add the much-awaited summer feeling into your home.

Pop of colours

Pop of colour - Property London

Improve your winter mood by introducing pops of colour into your living spaces. A colourful cushion, throw or even a painting in an uplifting colour pattern like yellow or turquoise will go a long way towards brightening up your mood. Throughout the warmer months householders will continue to surround themselves with

joyful design in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. Art, colour, shape and materials all feed into this aesthetic of positivity with colour expressed on the walls, on kitchen cabinetry, on furniture and textiles as maximalism develops a step further this season.

Colour Combinations: A playful palette of optimistic colour pops uplifts spirits in uncertain times. Clean pastel shades are merged in new zesty combinations, mixing in highlights of Deep-Sea Coral, Melon, Pastel Lilac and Cameo Green. Sunshine yellows are key throughout with a number of shades that can be combined for a nod to the 70s. Play with bold maximalist combinations that excite and surprise.

Plan ahead

Plan Ahead - Property London

Last but not least, another cost- effective way to get you feel energised once again is to plan ahead to your positive plans for the year. Start by creating a visual board of your goals and exciting plans and place it somewhere that you look at everyday to evoke a sense of positivity and purpose. Don’t forget to also start planning your summer holiday, so you have something to look forward to. 

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