Take a Tour of This Plant-Filled 1 Bedroom Flat

by Property London
HLK house Tour


The flat is a one-bedroom, and relatively small in size, but every part of the flat has been utilised and filled with multipurpose furniture. As you make your way around the home, it will become clear that the homeowners have a penchant for modern monochrome and plants. The flat also features a nice sized balcony, which is not exempt from the theme of the home, and this is decorated with potted plants and black and white items.

Better Together

Inside the kitchen/living room, there are a couple of statement pieces Harriet has used to bring out the beauty of the home. These statement pieces include: a bar trolley and a neon light. The bar trolley is filled with many different alcoholic items and also has an infamous potted plant on top of it. The neon light reads ‘better together’, and is everything a loving home, for two, needs! Near the neon light, you will also find: art pieces, photographs and prints, that have been used because of their special importance to the homeowners and to add to the character of the flat.

Dinner Parties

Also in this part of the house, there is a large wooden dining table, which has an eclectic mix of seating options around it. The large table was a deliberate decision, as Harriet wanted a table big enough to host dinner parties for her friends. Despite taking up a huge part of her and her husband’s living area, the dining table has become the central feature of their home.

It took the couple four years to find an interior style that suited them, and they had to go through different phases in order to discover what they truly like and dislike, and what suits the space of their home. A lot of the furniture that they have used to decorate their home, has been bought from: MADE, Swoon, H&M Home, Zara Home, Trouva, and Ferm Living. Harriet has a top tip for those wanting to make their home look bigger

have lots of mirrors in the flat, as this creates a sense that the flat is bigger and brighter!

If you would like to gain further insight into the home of Harriet, please follow: @home_of_hlk, on Instagram.

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