The Most Pet-Friendly London Boroughs

With London being not just Europe’s most dog-friendly city but also winning “the most pet-friendly city in Europe" for friendliest transport system towards canines.
The Most Pet-Friendly London Boroughs

With nearly half the country’s population owning pets, it is clear that Britain has become a nation of severe pet lovers. With London being not just Europe’s most dog-friendly city but also winning “the most pet-friendly city in Europe” for friendliest transport system towards canines; if you’re looking to live somewhere where dogs are welcome at every turn then maybe our capital could be perfect!

9% of Londoners own a dog, with this figure increasing since the UK went into lockdown, causing a vast 120% surge in demand for pet-friendly rentals in London.  

Finding a suitable pet-friendly location in London can be particularly stressful; therefore, London-based Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon have ranked the most dog-friendly places in London to help potential buyers and renters narrow down their choices. 

Fortunately, several boroughs offer plenty of space in London, making the perfect home for a dog. 

Top 4 boroughs with the highest percentage of properties for sale offering a garden include: 

Borough % Of Properties For Sale Offering a Garden 
Kingston 58% 
Lewisham 54% 
Greenwich  52% 
Wandsworth 50% 

The borough of Kingston comes out on top with a massive 58% of properties for sale offering garden space. The rental market echos this trend with 47% of rental homes, including a garden. 

Unsurprisingly, the City of Westminster offers the least property with outdoor space, whether you’re renting with 23% of property available or buying which only has 35% of property available. 

As garden space is a premium, a bonus of the city is that 47% of London is considered ‘green space’ with 3,000 parks situated across the city. 

Kingston again comes out on top, with the borough being London’s green space champion with 183 parks, gardens, recreation grounds and nature reserves. Richmond is a close second thanks to nearby Bushy Park, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. 

Easy access to dog walkers & vets is essential for owners in London. Research shows the average price for a dog walker in the capital is £13.45 per walk. To keep peace of mind, London has more than 200 RCVS-registered vets across almost every postcode across the city, meaning there is no shortage to help you take care of your companion in the city.  

There are also no shortages in finding dog-friendly restaurants in London. Even better, there are even dog-friendly restaurants in London that specifically offer a canine menu for your four-legged friends, making London the perfect city for dog owners to explore!

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