The Best Chairs for Comfort and Working from Home 2020

by Kizzie Whittingham
Best chairs of 2020

Buying a new chair can be hard, as the requirements can be endless, and many need a chair that is not only functional but stylish too. Fortunately, your days of scouring the internet for an amazing chair are over and I have compiled a list of the top 10 chairs to buy for comfort and working from home.

Higgs Office Chair

If you are constantly on zoom calls and tend to have a lot of meetings to join, then this is the chair for you. It is so luxurious and comfortable that you will be able to sit back and relax without feeling tense and uncomfortable. It is also guaranteed to receive compliments from your colleagues and what screams luxury more than a magnificent royal blue chair. It is revival style made modern and features neat piping detail around the edge. There is also a sturdy swivel base which will allow you to move across the room or push yourself to the printer without having to get up from your seat. The chair is made of composite/ mixed fabric, engineered wood and chrome metal.

Price: £229

Flynn Dining Chair

There are many people that enjoy sitting at the dining table to do their work and find it therapeutic to sit at a place where food and drink can be laid out in front of them, to graze at when required. If you are this kind of person then you will definitely love the Flynn dining chair, as it is sturdy, comfortable and features a pincushion design. It is also covered in soft tactile beige fabric and will fit in with most colour schemes and interior designs. This beautiful chair can also be used in bedrooms or living rooms too, if the dining table does not suit your requirements, and is extremely multifaceted.

Price: £149

Ayra Bean Bag

If you do not want to be confined to a particular space and want to be able to move from room to room when it suits you, then the Ayra bean bag is the one you need to go for. It’s quirky, easily transportable and extremely comfortable. Also, if you tend to enjoy working from your bed but need to be slightly more alert or have a better backdrop in your zoom videos, then this seating option will be a comfy alternative. It is also yellow and bright and will psychologically encourage you to feel happy and optimistic every morning. What’s not to love about this super soft bean chair?

Price: £129

Thelma Office Chair

If you love contemporary design, then you will also love the Thelma office chair, as its modern, funky and bold. It is also extremely comfortable and features a stylish swivel seat. The eye catching chair is made up of dark stained wooden legs and a bright orange seat. This minimal Nordic design chair features sophisticated contrasts that complement your home and make it perfect for your home office. The chair is made from solid oak and plastic and can easily be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Price: £99

Lule Dining Bench

The Lule dining bench is spacious, luxurious and comfortable. It features a pine green velvet material and is built with space for two to sit on, so if you have a business partner that you need to work alongside, then you could consider this a great chair for you both to be able to bounce your ideas off of each other on. However, this chair is also great for just one person to sit on and can be placed at the dining table or living room – whichever suits you more!

Price: £299

Ritchie Armchair

This armchair, which features a danish design, is contemporary, compact and extremely comfortable. The design is also very playful and the pin-cushioned seat has rainbow coloured detailing. If you want a chair to cosy up on during the winter months while you do your work, then this armchair is perfect. It will fit in to most rooms in the house and add a touch of subtle colour.

Price: £349

Ayra Bean Chair Velvet

If you liked the Ayra bean chair above, but need something more glamorous, then this is a perfect alternative. This beautiful and blush pink bean bag is covered in a soft velvet material. It is also lightweight and can be put anywhere in the house. The bean bag also features a tapered top and this helps to provide support to your head and back.

Price: £129

Kooper Armchair

The Kooper armchair is a stunning chair with a classic design and smooth curves. It also has velvet upholstery, a round cushion and brass legs, making it extremely sophisticated. Additionally, the backrest is pipped and padded and ensures you will be comfortable all working day long. It also comes with a 10 year guarantee, so you can be assured that it will stand the test of time.

Price: £399

Paxton Armchair and Footstool

If you like to sit back and relax while working, then this is the chair for you. The footstool is a great addition and assures you don’t have to apply any pressure to your feet while sitting down. The chair also features a subtle handle which provides you with the option to recline your chair. Moreover, the marl grey fabric is contemporary and, due to its neutral tones, complements any room.

Price: £799

Margot Swivel Armchair

The Margot swivel armchair is upholstered with a soft-touch old rose velvet material and has a buttoned quilted backrest. It is also extremely relaxing to sit on and the metallic accents on bold wooden legs make the chair chic, elegant and perfect for any room. The armchair was designed by Matt Arquette and its swivel feature means that you do not have to stay in a fixed position and can spin in your chair all day long.

Price: £449

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