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Ohra Studio has carved a niche for creating understated elegant environments, with a particular proclivity for midcentury design.

Founded in 2016 by two architects, Zlata Rybchenko & Kate Shumikhina, Ohra is a design studio and consultancy based in London using CGI technology to develop each step of the design process. Specialised in hospitality and residential design, we work across the fields of interior architecture & design, architectural concepts, brand creation and graphic design. Together with a wide range of collaborators, Ohra creates timeless environments rich with emotional resonance.

Zlata Rybchenko, the founder, architectural and interior designer, has carved out an intriguing career path on her way to her best projects. Born and raised in Ukraine, Zlata obtained her master's degree in architecture in Brussels before teaching at the same university for several years. In 2014, she established her own practice and has since been based in London for the past three years, where she has brought her extensive knowledge, multicultural background, and passion for Scandinavian design to develop her multidisciplinary studio.

A big traveler at heart, Zlata is deeply committed to nature and ecology. Zlata's dedication to sustainability is evident in her practice's approach to design. With careful selection of materials and integration of sustainable technologies, her team strives to create environmentally responsible and efficient spaces.

She is constantly curious and always exploring new technologies, resulting in a very different and innovative approach to her practice. Her unique perspective has allowed her to create designs that are both timeless and contemporary, blending functionality with beauty to produce spaces that are both stunning and practical.

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