Situated in the thriving north-east corner of London is Gadwall Quarter at Woodberry Down, presenting 126 meticulously designed one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. This exceptional development forms an integral part of the third phase of the celebrated Woodberry Down regeneration project.

Woodberry Down is the epitome of urban tranquility, enveloped by 15 acres of pristine parkland and flanked by 42 acres of expansive open water across two rejuvenated reservoirs. Every facet of this development is harmoniously aligned with nature, crafting an ambiance of serene elegance.

Each apartment within Gadwall Quarter epitomises modern luxury, boasting high-calibre design, complemented by open-plan configurations. The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure an abundance of natural light, while all residences afford private outdoor spaces. Interior finishes reflect sophisticated taste, from sleek walk-in showers and integrated kitchen appliances to laminate flooring and plush, fitted carpets in the bedrooms.

Pricing at Gadwall Quarter remains competitive. One-bedroom apartments commence from £120,000 for a 25% share, two-bedrooms from £158,750, and three-bedrooms from £225,000. The Shared Ownership scheme presents an advantageous opportunity for potential homeowners, significantly easing the pathway to property ownership. It not only diminishes the initial deposit and borrowing requirements but also offers capped rents on the unowned share. Moreover, residents have the option to incrementally purchase additional shares, eventually transitioning to outright ownership.

Beyond the confines of their homes, residents become part of a vibrant and established Woodberry Down community. The locale boasts an array of amenities, from a traditional pub, gym, and supermarket to a post office. The neighbouring areas of Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington further enhance the living experience, offering eclectic eateries and a vivacious social atmosphere, in addition to diverse markets showcasing antiques, fresh produce, and florals.

Recreational pursuits abound at Woodberry Down. Numerous kilometres of meticulously manicured trails beckon residents for leisurely walks, jogs, or cycling. The West Reservoir presents a waterside retreat for sailing, kayaking, and canoeing enthusiasts. Furthermore, the iconic Woodberry Wetlands, developed in collaboration with the London Wildlife Trust, stands as a testament to urban biodiversity.

Gadwall Quarter's strategic location in Zone 2, a stone's throw from the Piccadilly line at Manor House underground station, ensures seamless connectivity. King’s Cross is a mere 10-minute tube journey, with expedient routes to the West End and Heathrow. For those aspiring to strike a balance between nature's embrace and the city's pulse, Gadwall Quarter at Woodberry Down is an unparalleled choice.


  • One bedroom apartments from £120,000 for a 25% share with a full market value of £480,000
  • Two bedroom apartments from £158,750 for a 25% share with a full market value of £635,000
  • Three bedroom apartments from £225,000 for a 25% share with a full market value of £900,000
  • Buying Scheme
    Shared Ownership
  • Prices from
  • Full Market Value

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